Daktronics Lights Up Bucharest’s Cocor Luxury Store

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have to say what an impressive digital display system this is, here on the outside of the Cocor Luxury Store in Bucharest, Romania.

Designed and manufactured by Daktronics Inc. (Nasdaq- DAKT) you can clearly see the LED screens on the façade of the building.

Cocor CEO, Dan Barbulescu told us “Daktronics understand our desire to put Cocor Luxury Store on the axis of spectacular digital outdoor: New York with Times Square, London with Piccadilly Circus and Bucharest with Cocor Channel.”

The system comprises 13 large screen Daktronics LED displays that equal a total surface of 560 square meters. Two displays are installed on the front of the building, one measuring 6.6 meters high by 11.7 meters wide. The other, the largest on the building, is 23.4 meters high by 11.7 meters wide.

On the side of the building, five two-sided LED displays, measuring 5.0 meters high by 3.2 meters wide, are installed. Another display is installed on the side of the building measuring 3.6 meters high by 20.4 meters wide.

S.C. COCOR S.A., a public company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol COCR, www.cocor.ro is rebranding its Cocor department store located in the historical center of Bucharest into Cocor Luxury Store in order to attract luxury brands as tenants and to participate in the municipality efforts to rejuvenate the location. The 30 million euros investment will rise the retail GLA to 10.000 sq. meters on 7 floors, add 240 parking lots, a luxury restaurant, a day spa and a boutique night club.

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