Scala announces record sales and profitability

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Scala announced record sales and profitability for 2007 but not to us!!! Don’t laugh BUT we don’t get Scala Press Releases any more!

Today (Weds 16th Jan 2008) Scala announced its results and very good they were too.

Gerard Bucas, Scala chief executive said “In 2007 we achieved yet another new annual sales record with CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) exceeding 52 percent over the past two years alone, EBITDA (profitability) rose at an even higher rate. These results are especially satisfying as they are indicative of the strong acceptance in the market of our new Info Channel 5 product line launched just over a year ago.”

Mr. Bucas went on to say “While most of our competitors are still struggling to survive and reach profitability, over the past 20 years we have assembled an unbeatable global team of both employees and partners that are the most experienced and passionate in our industry — all sharply focused on allowing our customers to deploy and control their own digital signage networks around the world.”

We don’t doubt his first statement and whilst we would not say that their competitors are “struggling to survive” he’s probably right about their ‘profitability’.

That’s because Scala’s competitors are now global players like Cisco, EnQii, Broadsign, Telentice, Mediatile, Stratacache and C-nario etc NOT necessarily the smaller, often geographically focused / regional / smaller players.

As we have seen; Cisco, EnQii, Broadsign and Telentice are all capable of winning global big brand deals.

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