ISA, Illinois Sign Association And End User Groups Partner To Support Legislation

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The International Sign Association, Illinois Sign Association And End User Groups recently partnered to exempt existing on-premise signs from registration.

isa_logo2The ISA and the Illinois Sign Association teamed up to support legislation in Illinois that removes restrictions on existing on-premise signs along Illinois state highways. The two organizations worked closely with the Illinois Association of Realtors and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association on this.

The Bill HB2764 was successfully passed last week by the Illinois General Assembly. The law will take effect upon signing by Gov. Pat Quinn and will exempt existing on-premise signs and real estate signage from registration requirements.

“This is significant for businesses that rely on on-premise signage in Illinois,” says Lori Anderson, International Sign Association president and CEO. “It also is a valuable study in how the on-premise sign industry and end users can work together to share the importance of signage to businesses.”

Since the 1970s, Illinois law has required registration of on-premise signs, directional signs and real estate signs. That measure was largely unenforced until 2012, when the Illinois Department of Transportation notified business owners that their signs might be in violation. To comply, businesses needed to submit a form and pay a one-time fee. Obtaining the required information and certifications complicated the matter and added significantly to the cost. After the successful advocacy on behalf of sign end users, those requirements will no longer be necessary.

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