Juice Powered By Cerebro

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The third announcement during #fepeBerlin2013 from Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda) was that the latest version of Juice (the sales portion of the Ayuda Platform) now includes a new option to create optimal proposals that optimize over audience data and analytics provided by Route in the UK, in combination with geographical constraints.

“As we did just last month for American audiences with TAB data, this is now the first time the industry in the UK has ever seen a proposal generator for OOH this powerful” stated Andreas Soupliotis, President & CEO of Ayuda.

“Currently, there are software suppliers for the OOH industry that offer cross-operator, planning tools and there are software suppliers that offer cross-operator buying tools. These two kinds of suppliers have had to historically merge their offerings in a fragmented way since they can’t do both. However, with our new version of Juice that is powered by Cerebro, this is the first time a sales team within an operator can enjoy a single vendor planning and buying experience that brings concepts into a proposal maker such as: reach-frequency, plan GRPs, weekly impression, budget, quantity, maximize dispersion (geographically), geo-targeting and proximity targeting, for traditional and digital panels, while all tying into real avails.”

Soupliotis continued: “What enabled us to build this new version of Juice was our investment in Cerebro, the OOH decision engine. Cerebro can recommend a proposal by processing an arbitrary number of campaign objectives, optimizing over Route audience analytics, and rich geo-targeting. By exposing these capabilities in JuiceTM, sales teams in an OOH company finally have the long-awaited capability of building proposals based on an audited demographic audience, as opposed to cherry-picking locations off a map – something the industry has being trying to move away from for years but has lacked the tools to do so.”

Juice, with Route audience analytics built-in, is the component of the Ayuda Platform that consists of a CRM, avails checker, and proposal maker. The Route enabled version of Juice is now available to all UK OOH operators who currently or wish to license Route data.

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