Amscreen Parts Company With @WinnieKarst

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I have to say that some things are obvious and Winnie Karst staying long at Amscreen, a company he only joined back in January 2012 was one of them.

News in late last week then, that the ex-Kinetic exec, who was no doubt an expensive hire, and with all due respect, a man used to telling people what to do, rather than rolling up his own shirt sleeves and doing himself, is leaving the, we quote “Digital Out Of Home business in October 2013 to pursue other business interests”.

Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen Group Limited was rather nice in saying that “Winnie has been a great asset to Amscreen Europe in his time as CEO and has helped us to expand our network of unique plug and play digital signage technology across Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. We wish him every success in his future venture” .. apart from that latter line (wishing him well) we are sure that is NOT true at all.

This was no doubt an expensive hiring mistake.

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