Two New Digital Engines From AOpen

Andrew Neale

AOPEN unveiled two powerful new models to complement the Digital Engine series, the DE6140 and DEX7150, to deliver high graphic performance to industries ranging from retail and hospitality to medical and industrial.

  • The DEX7150 is an energy-efficient, fanless computing device designed for vigorous or highly sensitive environments, where uptime is critical. Its fanless and dustproof design makes it very quiet and reliable, and suitable for installing in a wide range of locations. The DEX7150 also supports the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family (i3, i5, i7) for brilliant imagery and a seamless computing experience. It is positioned as the highest industrial strength computing device in the range thanks to its powerful CPU with HD4000 integrated graphics.
  • The DE6140 is a compact, powerful device purpose-built for powering video walls and displaying dynamic content on multiple displays without compromising the quality of resolution. With an ultra small form factor design, it has four HDMI outputs and can drive up to four independent full HD screens, with high performance support for Ultra HD resolution making it ideal for large public displays or video walls. The system supports AMD Eyefinity technology, which enables massive, multi-screen displays to create ultra-immersive, panoramic visual environments.

Gabriëlle Offringa, Marketing Manager at AOPEN Europe, says these engines take digital signage to a whole new level.

“Whether you want to power the screens of critical medical appliances or drive a huge multi-screen video wall at a public event, AOPEN’s media players are up to the task. They are highly reliable as well as being energy efficient, making the systems ideal for signage solutions within retail, hospitality, medical, transport and other major vertical markets with ambitious signage needs,”

“Demand for rich, high definition video display is increasing in every industry, as we move to a digital future. AOPEN looks forward to working with our partners to build solutions for this visual world.”

Digital Engine DEX7150 key features:

  • Unique, fanless system for ultra quiet operation
  • Rugged, dustproof design suits vigorous environments
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Powers up to three independent full HD displays
  • Long life cycle (minimum two years)
  • Supports 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family (i3, i5, i7)

Digital Engine DE6140 key features:

  • Powers up to four independent full HD displays
  • Support for Ultra HD resolution (4k*)
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Energy efficient green computing
  • Long life cycle (minimum two years)


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