Sticky: What is New York Digital Signage Week?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As we continue to promote New York Digital Signage Week, we’ve been answering a few questions, such as “what is it?”, “how did it come about?”, “when is it exactly?” and “what sort of events are being held?”. So let us explain…

New York Digital Signage Week itself effectively came about a few years ago when we persuaded Sue Danaher (then DPAA President) and her board AND NEC Display Solutions’ Ashley Flaska to liaise with us (and each other of course) and ensure that their events – the DPAA Media Summit and the NEC Partner Showcase, were held the same week in NYC as our Investor Conference.

This of course means that there are multiple excuses for those speaking or attending to get to NYC that week – it helps everyone – we’ve secured international speakers for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference for example because the speaker knows he or she can attend a couple of events that week and help justify his or her trip.

Visitors to NYC that week have multiple events to choose from, better networking and business opportunities as a result and of course it’s a win win for event organisers also as they have a bigger target audience to market their own wares to as well.

Other benefits include; it’s not owned by any one business or association – there can be no industry shakedown on conference or exhibition space, it shows the industry working together for the common good to a much wider audience (we always say think NYC Fashion Week) and of course NYC in the Fall is not a bad place to be and the week ends up being a great deal of fun!

Every year the week sees more companies taking part, this year is proving to be a bit of a bumper year and so far (there will be a few more announcements between now and Oct 21) we have the following holding some form of event that week;

BARCO, Dentons, Digital Placed Based Advertising Association, Digital Signage Federation, IC Technologies, LED Capital, Ministry of New Media, NEC Display Solutions, Prysm, RMG Networks, Scala, Titan, TPN, VUKUNET, YCD Multimedia.

A common question from those wishing to take part is “What sort of event can I put on?” … the answer to that is many-fold.

First of all, an event doesn’t necessarily have to be big or costly – whilst The DPAA Summit, The DailyDOOH Investor Conference and the NEC Partner Showcase cost upwards of USD 50k to put on and attract 100 to 500 attendees, (other) events can be as simple as an open house (if you have an office in NYC just invite people round to see it – maybe listen to a presentation or two and have a drink), a breakfast meeting, a simple ‘Show&Tell’ or a dinner for clients.

We always suggest to the independent consultants in our industry (usually the first to sign up to all of these events) – sell yourselves – hire a small room, get a projector if need be and do ‘an hour with Lyle Bunn’, ‘Come listen to Lou (Guacamole)’ or ‘Meet the Pratt’ – all of these people have something to say, so get out there and do some marketing! New York Digital Signage Week is ideal for all of these small, more personal interactions.

As The Mighty Phil Cohen, kindly mentioned in a recent vlog rant, DailyDOOH acts as a ‘clearing house’ for all the events taking place that week – everything happening that week is listed in a calendar of events and promoted elsewhere on our site free of charge.

If you have an idea for an event then we are always happy to chat through and advise on suitability, positioning and registration.

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