EnQii Launches New EnGage Software at DSE

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Okay so we got the CAPS wrong but we told you back in January that ‘Early 2009 Will See EnQii Release ENGAGE‘ and now at the start of DSE it’s official.


EnGage (note the CAPS) is a web-based software solution for connecting 100 to 10,000 screens in a network.

We played with it late last year on a notebook (cos’ it’s Java written we think we are correct in saying that with the right VM the management piece can run on almost anything) and can so can actually testify that its web 2.0 architecture brings drag-and-drop features for flexibility and ease-of-use.

Remember what we said in our presentation at ISE in Amsterdam about the software vendors having to continue to re-invent their software, move their code base, open up their APIs, adopt Web 2,0 methodologies etc 😉

Ajay Chowdhury, CEO of EnQii told us “EnQii’s software has been at the forefront of the digital signage industry for some time but EnGage will enhance our competitive advantage even further,”

EnGage (note the CAPS) has been designed from the ground up on a Linux platform and there is also a new Campaign Manager tool for planning and managing advertising campaigns.

He added “The new interface and features for managing advertising campaigns will bring benefits to existing and new clients alike. After recently being named as the number one global digital signage provider for a second year running, we’re delighted to be launching EnGage at DSE in Las Vegas.”

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