ISA’s ‘Dynamic’ Digital Advisory Panel

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The International Sign Association has formed what it calls a Dynamic Digital Advisory Panel to guide the association as its members learn and expand their businesses into rapidly growing digital signage technologies.

isa_logo2The panel includes experts in digital display, content and delivery as well as end users.

“It is clear that dynamic digital signage presents a tremendous opportunity for static sign companies to take many of the skills that they already have and transfer them to a new medium,” says Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. “The Advisory Panel will provide insights to help ISA lead the traditional sign market into this new field and to fill any knowledge gaps that may exist. Bringing together sign experts and digital network operators and integrators will help both sides see the business and partnership opportunities that exist as we work together.”

ISA has been active in exploring opportunities for static sign companies in dynamic digital signage for several years. At ISA International Sign Expo 2013, ISA offered its first dynamic digital signage park – which we referred to in our various articles at 2013SignExpo as the ‘digital zone’ – Ed and related presentation area. Sign Expo also included a well-attended track of educational sessions on various aspects of dynamic digital signage. The educational sessions are currently available via ISA’s online learning system. The ISA website also includes several case studies of static sign companies that have made in-roads into dynamic digital signage.

The Industry Advisory Panel includes:

The panel will advise an existing ISA task force and board of directors on new programs and initiatives that can help member companies expand into digital signage.

7 Responses to “ISA’s ‘Dynamic’ Digital Advisory Panel”

  1. Mr Influcence Says:

    You’d think with Alan Brawn, that as someone supposedly dedicated to education … he would educate this forum on the use of the non-term ‘dynamic’ … then again perhaps not if money is concerned.

  2. Raffi Vartian Says:

    The term “dynamic” has been used in the traditional print space because the word “digital” has already been applied to the first revolution that rolled through their industry: digital printing.

    The idea behind “dynamic” is to signify the difference between moving digital (video to screens) and static digital (print).

    So, the audience for the term “dynamic digital” is not for the readers of this site, it’s for the traditional print houses and their customers.

  3. Ken Goldberg Says:

    The progress that ISA has made in terms of embracing digital signage over the past two years in particular is very encouraging, both for our industry and for ISA members. This is in no small part due to investments and efforts made by the Digital Signage Federation, an effort that has been spearheaded by Alan Brawn, who deserves credit, not derision.

    What we have here with the choice of words may a case of looking inward rather than outward. Yes, some MEMBERS of ISA might find the term “digital signage” a bit too close to the term “digital printing” for comfort, even though they are unrelated. But here is the rub, and where Raffi missed the boat: their CUSTOMERS have no such angst, and regularly read about, talk about and hear about “digital signage” on a day-to-day basis. The ISA has a lot of smart people and some really dynamic companies involved with it. We proudly know and work with some of them, and have proposed “digital signage” to customers together. The ISA folks would be well advised, and I trust the really good group of people advising them, to resolve their own semantic issues and describe the technology and everything around it the way the CUSTOMERS understand it, at least to the customers if not themselves. As long as customers do not have different terms thrown at them in the process of learning about, acquiring and deploying digital signage, progress will continue its steady course. Over time, as digital signage revenue starts to turn the dial for ISA members, my guess is that their anxiety over words will disappear.

  4. Money Talks Says:

    Read and you can see Lyle Bunn and Alan Brawn’s writing and style all over it. Obviously someone was paid to write that on behalf the ISA.

    It’s LOLable that Alan Brawn should be plauded by the DSF to promote a term different to his association. Money clearly talks.

  5. Editor Says:

    For sure, sign shop customers will ask about digital signage. For them there is less confusion, because they never asked about digital printing in the first place. Digital printing is a process, after all, not a product. Customers don’t care how their signage is made, they just care about the result.

  6. Raffi Vartian Says:

    I was just trying to give a little insight that’s all. I don’t think I’ve missed the boat Ken, but thank you for your constructive criticism.

    Next time I will use more CAPS to make my POINTS. Seems to REALLY work WELL.


  7. Ken Goldberg Says:

    Pathetic, but it did bring a SMIL to my face. No emoticon needed.

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