OAAA Launches Mobile and Social Guidelines

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

With so much of the out-of-home industry, and especially the digital out-of-home industry connecting closely with So-lo-mo (Social, Local, Mobile) these days, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America recently published Mobile and Social Guidelines, a detailed document, complete with charts, that is well worth referencing before heading down the Social/Mobile paths.

The document, compiled by a team under Stephen Freitas, the OAAA’s chief marketing officer, is well worth using as a guide if you are an agency, brand, network or any business wanting to leverage out-of-home audiences. It will remove much of the friction for brands and agencies to buy and deploy social and mobile media across the U.S.. Embracing standard definitions in social and mobile OOH enhances the compatibility of the OOH industry to align with more multi-channel programs.

The OAAA does not promote the use of any specific companies or platforms but it does talk about what everyone needs to do to help move the market forward. The standards will allow media agencies to efficiently and effectively plan campaigns across multiple providers and platforms.

Basically, mobile and social engagement opportunities enable advertisers to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way and create a dialogue rather than a monologue with those consumers.

You do not have to be an OAAA member to access the standards, available here.

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