Relaunched Tesco Screens delivers sales uplift of up to 25% for brands

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Since being the first to break the news about the TescoTV to Tesco Screens name change, several folks and sites have of course also reported on it. I haven’t seen the official NEWS RELEASE anywhere so here it is in its entirety below.

Wrigleys who seem to have been testing the water with Digital OOH (Avanti Screenmedia and Brightspace Media both took some interesting Wrigleys creative a while back on their leisure networks) seem to have now settled on the 5 – 15 second creatives that they use also on-line. Looks good and I am hoping to get some pictures up shortly.


Relaunched Tesco Screens delivers sales uplift of up to 25% for brands
Evolved in-store screen solution gives rise to new media channel – Brand Stings

7 August 2007: International marketing consultancy dunnhumby today announces the relaunch of Tesco TV, the in-store media proposition, as Tesco Screens. Installed in 2004, the network consists of 5,000 LCD and plasma screens across 100 Tesco Superstores and Extra outlets, representing one-third of Tesco store sales.

Under dunnhumby’s management Tesco Screens has become a more tailored content proposition. It offers brands and advertisers a range of tools to support different marketing objectives, including new product launches, promotions, seasonal themes, and other in-store events as well as above-the-line advertising.

Advertising spots can be designed to fit within the store’s established in-store promotional format to integrate with the familiar Tesco shopping experience. Or, for more product- and company-specific campaigns, brands can chose a new, “Brand Sting” format, which employs Flash animation to delver eye-catching memorable messaging using sound and animation at point of purchase.

Tesco Screens has already proved successful at driving brand sales with average sales uplift on ‘New’ and ‘Promo’ campaigns of 5-8 per cent, rising to 15-18 per cent for seasonal activity. More promisingly, the new brand stings have achieved sales effects of up to 25 per cent. All campaigns on Tesco Screens are analysed with a bespoke control group using EPOS and Clubcard data.

Joel Hopwood, Head of Tesco Screens for dunnhumby commented:
“By focusing on shopper needs in-store and integrating Tesco Screens into the retail experience we have leveraged our 13 years of media and marketing experience to radically reinvigorate the proposition and ensure it provides what the consumer wants. In-store TV is not television: it isn’t effective to air traditional television advertising in a retail environment. The new Tesco Screens framework is able to live up to its full potential in terms of increasing advertising effectiveness in-store and fully delivering for brands. The results speak for themselves; these are campaigns which can achieve incredible, and most importantly provable, uplift for brands.”

Nigel Mallinson, Sales Director of Wrigley, adds:
“dunnhumby has achieved a new approach to brand communications in-store through Tesco Screens. The scale of the network combined with the format of the new ads allowed us to reach a broad target audience with a simple, memorable and effective message.”


About dunnhumby –
dunnhumby is an international marketing consultancy and services company that has developed revolutionary customer management and analysis techniques that help drive powerful business strategies.

The dunnhumby discipline is a combination of IT, data analysis, creative skills and business expertise that enables a client to create a relevant response derived from unprecedented insights into customer behaviour.

dunnhumby’s clients include Tesco, Kroger, Casino. Gillette, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, Muller, Nestle. Unilever and Coca Cola.

Notes to Editors:

i. dunnhumby manages detailed personal and purchasing information on behalf of several organisations.
ii. Under data protection legislation, dunnhumby is classified as a data processor. Its clients are data controllers.
Please see\acts\acts1998/80029–a.htm#1 for further information on the distinction between the two
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