LiteLogic Deny StreetBroadcast Litigation

Chris Sheldrake

James Sirmon from LiteLogic told us earlier today that there is no litigation between StreetBroadcast and themselves.

After explaining that the November 2007 Dynascan patent infringement case against Litelogic (in California for its Revolution 360 product) was still potentially ongoing BUT that both companies are now in direct dialogue and keen to resolve the issues out of court (the legal side having been ‘parked’ for the time being) he went on to say “we have no other litigation ongoing from any other parties, streetbroadcast or otherwise”

LiteLogic it seems are currently focusing on the Bus LED market – they tell us the market is strong (despite the world economic situation) and that they are still rolling out screens in Chicago and New York with Titan in the US and there do seem to be several buses with their signs running in Chicago nowadays.

3 Responses to “LiteLogic Deny StreetBroadcast Litigation”

  1. Naughty Step Sitter Says:

    James Sirmon?
    I thought his name was Burrows?

    Lee Arthur departs StreetBroadcast, now StreetBroadcast remove StreetLive performance figures from their website.
    What is going on?

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    James Sirmon is one of the co-founders of Litelogic Limited. You are thinking of James Burrows who was the CEO

  3. James Sirmon Says:

    Just an update, we now have in excess of 20 king format screens installed and running in Chicago with more being installed weekly.
    We expect to begin rolling out the screens in numbers in New York within the next few weeks.

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