A Conference Isn’t Over Until We Say It’s Over

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Although only our second time in attendance, it’s hard to imagine not wanting to attend every year going forward” was just one of the votes of praise we received after The DailyDOOH Investor Conference held last week during NYC #DpbMedia Week.

Steve Nesbit in conversation with Mark Boidman

Steve Nesbit in conversation with Mark Boidman

Regular readers will know what we think of many of the industry conferences and we aspire to take events to the next level. A conference you know, isn’t over just because the two days of the actual event are gone!

This week we were quick off the mark with a very short online survey asking those who attended (while it was still fresh in their mind) things like; How did you rate the venue? Which presentations did you enjoy the most? What is the best duration for this event? (i.e. as was 1.5 days or try and fit it into 1 day), Did you like the “conversations with” format? (shown to the right here). What was the best thing about the conference? Are there any particular subjects you would like to see discussed? etc.

To the question “Would you recommend this event to others?” we received the overwhelming response ‘YES’

What we are now working on mid-week is an ‘attendee-pack’ – every one who came to the event will receive a PDF booklet listing all those who came, with a two line description of who they are, all the email addresses, a pointer to our online revx system to download PDF versions of all of the presentations, a thank you from all of our sponsors, the results from the online survey and all of the Dentons contacts.

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