Hastings Academy Uses ONELAN and Cdec for Immersive Solution

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Hastings Academy, a secondary school located in Hastings, East Sussex. has installed ONELAN digital signage for several specific applications, including a new 270º projection immersive space 5m x 5m in addition to outside large projection spaces installed at Hastings Creative Learning Center.

oneland.hastingsThe Academy also has a video wall driven by a ONELAN NTB 6000 media player, and a further ONELAN NTB 6000 media player that drives 12 screens around the Academy campus displaying school news and information, as well as a further 12 at its sister campus in St Leonards on Sea.

The video wall installation is a specialist solution tailored for Hastings Academy. The Academy had a vision for a space that it calls ‘the sandpit’. CDEC, the integrator, was given certain constraints to work with:

  • The school specifically chose screens with thicker bezels;
  • Screens to be positioned under the stairs;
  • The videowall should be of a ‘creative” shape;
  • The videowall should offer a number of different configurations including the ability to create a ‘window’ into the sister academy in St Leonards;
  • The videowall should have one portion that is interactive;
  • The solution should be simple to use, and change between presets.

The video wall at Hastings Academy enables a number of inputs to be displayed for both students and teachers. A timed videoconferencing system switches automatically on at the end of lessons at 3.15 so that teachers and pupils in after school clubs know that after school, if they arrive at the video wall, they can share lessons and teaching best practice in an interactive meeting space. The full use of this system is still being developed.

The solution installed by Cdec is a highly useable immersive system. Cdec created a number of templates and allows different backdrops to be updated and created. The web team at the school can then add to the templates creating different immersive environments. The teacher arrives with an iPad and selects different options via a drop down box and the room is transformed into a desert, then with another change the students are transported to the moon or Mars.

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