UK Outdoor Declines 4.8% Year on Year Against Olympic quarter

Maddie Cotterill

The UK’s Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) announced last week the total revenues for July to September 2013 – the headline total reported across all outdoor is £256.1m, which represents a decline of 4.8% year on year. Digital revenues in the quarter amounted to £53.6m, which was 21% of the total. Digital revenue growth was up 3% year on year.

 “This quarter was always going to be a big ask, following the +25.4% year on year growth we enjoyed during the Olympic quarter last year”, commented Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre. “But minus 5% implies an underlying growth of around 10% for each of the last two years in Q3. So we have to be pretty pleased with that. Expenditure has held up as more advertisers continue to find outdoor a sure-fire way to reach the right consumers in the right contexts and the right mindsets. We have momentum.”

Categories which spent significantly more in the quarter on Outdoor include Computers, Finance, Games, and Pharmaceuticals. The top 10 advertisers in the quarter according to Nielsen for Q3 were

  1. British Sky Broadcasting Ltd £16,230,202
  2. Samsung (UK) Ltd £7,045,723
  3. E1 Entertainment UK £5,572,340
  4. Heineken UK Ltd £4,989,816
  5. Unilever UK Ltd £4,853,985
  6. Vodafone Ltd £4,353,664
  7. Lloyds Bank Plc £4,034,255
  8. Twentieth Century Fox Film Company £3,958,143
  9. Asda Stores Ltd £3,740,829
  10. BT Ltd £3,581,945

In the digital sector, spend was up 3%. Digital growth was concentrated chiefly in the roadside sector, with continued investment especially in the large format sector, which is up 22% year on year. Top spenders in large format digital roadside sites were Halifax, BMW, American Express and Ford.

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