Ottawa’s First Station Dominations Feature Rogers Digital TV

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

As part of a new 10-year agreement with OC Transpo in Ottawa, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising has developed the first ever station dominations promoting Rogers Digital TV NextBox 3.0 in two of the city’s Transitway stations.

pattison_xboxPromoting the leader in digital cable television in Canada, these two station dominations provide engaging opportunities for Rogers Digital TV that have never been experienced on Ottawa’s transit system.

The Transitway, with a weekday passenger volume of 240,000, is Ottawa’s rapid transit service covering over 35 kilometres and serving 57 stations. The Rogers Digital TV station dominations are located at the Transitway’s Hurdman and Lincoln Fields stations. Each station consists of extensive use of vinyl displays on glass components, with the Lincoln Fields station also consisting of stair risers.

In addition to the dominations at the Hurdman and Lincoln Fields stations, the Rogers Digital TV advertising campaign in Ottawa also includes Billboards and Double Decker Bus Murals. The campaign will run for six weeks ending on December 3, with the station dominations appearing for the final four weeks.

Transitway is part of OC Transpo’s comprehensive transit system providing service to nearly one million people in Ottawa and its surrounding areas, and serving 101 million passengers annually.

“The introduction of these two station dominations and other products for Rogers Digital TV exemplifies PATTISON’s ability to provide uniquely engaging and effective advertising opportunities that will captivate the varied demographic of the city’s ridership,” says Frank Wilson, sales manager, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising.

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