Digital Signage Enhances Audi Brussels’ Tours

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Scala Inc. announced the installation of digital signage at the automotive production facility at Audi Brussels, where Scala-partner DOBIT Digital Solutions carried out the installation at the the state-of-the-art automotive production facility.

audi_-_brussels_factoryAudi has invested over €400 million to update the factory where it builds its successful Audi A1 cars, and it has now opened its doors for factory visits by schools, businesses, clubs and members of the general public. The factory visits are not just good for Audi’s image, but also help the company attract staff. The A1 has been highly successful, and that has led to big growth for the Audi Brussels branch. Audi is making major investments in top-level technology, opening dozens of jobs for technical and administrative staff. The company’s ambition is to become Belgium’s best employer.

Recent factory tours have revealed another dimension of Audi, especially to the students from visiting technical schools. Audi was eager to ensure that the tour would be an unforgettable experience, so the digital signage installation helped Audi create a full experience and provide even more visual impact on site.

lineThe aim of the tours was to give visitors a really good look at the entire production process, and to enhance Audi’s image both as an employer and as a brand. DOBIT took the challenge of transforming Audi’s ideas into real, technological solutions and excellent content.

Tour guides showed visitors around a range of key departments. At six locations on the tour, known as factory tour corners, there are built-in 46” IDS screens. Stopping there, the guides can supplement the information they give by showing a series of short films. This not only helps visitors to keep track of the steps in the production process, but also allows them to see parts of the factory that are prohibited from visit.

looking_at_screenThe large Elo IDS (Interactive Digital Signage) screens have two great advantages in their outstanding image quality and superior viewing angle. The screen acts as its own control panel, with virtual dials that are cleverly integrated into the visual content. Screens are operated via the Scala Digital Signage solution, which means that users are continually in control of content.

Without digital signage Audi would not have been able to give such a comprehensive factory tour. It gives visitors a complete perspective on the full production process at the Audi Factory.

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