Neo Advertising And Mediamarket Reach Strategic Agreement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Neo Advertising and Mediamarket have just signed a strategic agreement for the installation of what will easily become the largest In Store-Video network in the Italian retail market

According to the terms of the agreement, Neo Advertising will be in charge of the entire project, from the creation of technological infrastructures to the management of the communication network, creation of the content that will be broadcast through the new channels AND sale of advertising space.

Neo Advertising and Mediamarket will effectively very quickly bring online two new information and communication channels; ‘Media World Live’ and ‘Saturn Live which may be seen by as many as 90 million customers that each year visit the 82 Media World and 11 Saturn point of sale retail spaces.

Fabrizio Bonazza, CEO of Neo Advertising Italia told us “This project confirms the interest that Digital Signage is arousing in Italy and its high potential for growth. In a competitive market, where the ability to clearly and significantly stand out from the competition has become a differentiating success factor, it is strategic to be able to offer to the partners and advertiser companies innovative tools that make communication immediate, powerful, targeted and strongly impacting”


Mediamarket is the first chain of consumable electronics in Europe with 705* mega stores, the second chain in the world, MEDIAMARKT Saturn Holding GmbH, which belongs to the group METRO AG (DAX: MEO).

It operates in Italy under the name of MEDIAMARKET S.p.A. and owns the Media World, Saturn and Media World Compra On Line trademarks. With a turnover in 2007 of 2,084 million Euros and an establishment of more than 7,100 people, MEDIAMARKET constitutes the largest enterprise in this sector in Italy. Media World is present with 82 points of sale mostly located at major shopping centers. Saturn is positioned instead at the main urban centers and today is present with 11 points of sale, located in major Italian cities.

Media World Compra On Line is the e-commerce portal, which can be found at It has been active since 1999, and as of today it is the first B2C e-commerce site of electronic goods, in terms of accesses per year and turnover.

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