#dse2014 Innovators: Y-Not Sanitize & Arreya

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

It’s always fun to explore the New Products and Innovation sections at any trade show and #dse2014 was no exception.

Matt Levin, director of marketing and Avi Bash, director of sales, Y-Not Sanitize

Matt Levin, director of marketing, and Avi Bash, director of sales, Y-Not Sanitize

This year we took a look at two companies in particular: Y-Not Sanitize LLC and Arreya.

Mineola, New York-based Y-Not Sanitize offers a nicely designed post holding a hand sanitizer and topped by a digital screen that plays a 10-minute advertising loop – 10 minutes? seriously?, Ed

The aim is to put it in food courts, outside restrooms, and more. (We could see it used in medical clinics, libraries, and pretty well anywhere that the public touches items.) We were told that it’s already being used in Jones Lang LaSalle malls.

The company developed its own priority software because, we were told, the developers couldn’t find anyone who could tie everything together, including providing analytics with regard users of the pump when ads were playing and the sanitizer dispenser was in use. Every time it is used, the application records the date and location. Advertisers can track when and where their ads are displayed, how often specific dispensers are used, and can provide coupons and deals via QR and Text Codes.

Jill Burgess, president; Todd Burgess, owner; Walter Moore, technical director; Mtrco, Arreya.

Jill Burgess, president; Todd Burgess, owner; Walter Moore, technology director; Marco Nannelli, creative director, Arreya.

Arreya, a new brand of Presentations Inc., Hiawatha, Iowa, is yet another cloud-based digital signage system that provides various visual communication opportunities to any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

It offers instant visual content to wall monitors, touch screens, tablets, smart televisions and smart phones through a drag-and-drop interface, and real-time delivery with wireless Internet connections to multiple display options.

“We can instantly manage content, maintain multiple devices simultaneously, and know what the system is actually presenting,” said Jill Burgess, Presentations president. “We are marketing Arreya directly to digital signage users as well as partnering with digital signage companies to resell to their clients.”

We noticed that Presentations products are used by universities, health centres, banks, and more.

“Our cloud-based signage software was designed as a solution to fix our own inadequate displays, and found that it could be a fix for everyone,” said Walter Moore, developer. “It’s subscription-based per content. It supports real-time analytics and HTML5. We want to partner with integrators and vendors.”

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