Grandi Stazioni, Dialogica, Quividi & Impara Innovation

Maddie Cotterill

Grandi Stazioni SpA has agreed with Quividi and Dialogica, (an Italian business that has developed a complete set of metrics to measure the effectiveness of DOOH networks) to deploy their solution on all the main networks owned by Grandi Stazioni – ensuring the analytical measurement of the audience and the impact of the advertising campaigns on air in 14 Railway Stations in Italy.

grandistazioni_mcdonalds_bigThe Grandi Stazioni network reaches 700 million people every year. The major traffic flown comes from Roma Termini, Milano Centrale, Torino Porta Nuova and Napoli Centrale.

“We adopted the integrated solutions provided by Quividi and Dialogica after selecting them amongst the most qualified international specialists, in order to provide our advertisers and their media planners with accurate and real time data, necessary for planning an effective advertising campaign and measuring its real impact” declared Stefano Mereu, Sales and Marketing director of Grandi Stazioni.

“The data and the performance indicators available, that is to say, the net coverage, the frequency, the GRP, will provide the companies and the media agencies with the information necessary for evaluating the effectiveness of our media. Once again, the DOOH Network owned by Grandi Stazioni proves itself to be the leader in its field with respect to technological innovation, transparency and service to the market”.

Matteo Testori, Dialogica’s CEO told us “This is a genuine Italian innovation, developed thanks to the partnership between Grandi Stazioni, Dialogica, Quividi, and Impara, a spin off of the Italian National Research Council”

About Dialogica

Since 1996 Dialogica develops models and metrics to gain insights in Marketing and Advertising. Currently, is the only company that owns the technology, know-how, models, metrics for measuring the effectiveness in real time of the DOOH, in store display, events.

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