DSA Drops CEW (Nee CETW)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Paul Flanigan, newly minted Executive Director at the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) emailed his members Friday to let them all know that the DSA had decided to discontinue its formal agreement with Customer Engagement World (CEW) (and yes, like other industry commentators who the hell knew it had dropped the ‘T’) that identified it as its official show.

dsa_logoIn the email he said “CEW and DSA plan to continue working together on a variety of initiatives that support both organizations’ goals as we move into the future”.

Joel Davis, Founder and CEO of JD Events (owner of Customer Engagement World) was also quoted, “We continue to value our relationship with DSA immensely. Both parties recently agreed that the old agreement that was put in place in 2010 was too restrictive and simply unnecessary at this time. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with DSA by developing innovative new programs that will benefit the industries we both serve”.

I suspect that CEW are mighty relieved – they’ve always said that they were a lot more than just ‘digital signage’ and bottom line this announcement probably comes as a result of Lawrence Dvorchik and Joel no longer wanting to write cheques to the DSA, since their members were most likely NOT buying booths.

It leaves CEW in a better place (and free to go do their own thing), it leaves Digital Signage vendors (or at least those who felt some loyalty to the DSA) free to go choose DSE or a vertical show of their choice and it leaves the DSA to do what it should have done a long, long time ago (more of that in a later post)

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  1. Charles Ansley Says:

    Congratulations to the DSA Board of Directors and to Paul for making this excellent decision at this time for the entire digital screen-media marketplace. The toughest decisions are always to change direction, but i believe this one will benefit the DSA in the long term.
    Best of luck in making the change in direction smooth for the 600+ DSA members and companies.

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