Big Win For John Ryan In Spain

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s an uplifting retail banking story and a big win for John Ryan in Spain – a 500 branch digital signage rollout for Caja Mediterráneo.

1branchinteriorThe screens, placed in high-traffic areas of the branch interior and exterior are designed to convey promotional and informational messages in eight languages – all handled by John Ryan’s Messaging Manager platform.

There are some really nice uses of content and not surprisingly a lot of localised messaging – we particularly liked the events calendar which features Caja Mediterráneo’s sponsorship of activities at the neighborhood, provincial, regional and national level and local real-estate listings.

The screens also are being used for a number of ‘micro-campaigns’ that vary for each branch, based on the prior week’s sales results.

The system, we are told, is operated by John Ryan’s Web-based Messaging Manager content creation and management tools – five different internal departments regularly use the system, as well as external agencies and translators.

The Messaging Manager product is not related to John Ryan’s ScreenRed business unit we understand.

About Caja Mediterráneo

Caja Mediterráneo was established more than 130 years ago and is now one of the largest savings banks in Spain, with an international network of more than 1,100 sites. Headquartered in Alicante, Caja Mediterráneo is a non-profit organization created for social and charitable purposes. Any net earnings are used to create reserve funds to protect its savers, and to create, maintain and contribute to charitable, social and cultural activities.

2 Responses to “Big Win For John Ryan In Spain”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    This is hardly news. John Ryan has been boasting about htis project for more than 2 years. The story was featured on the Nov 06 issue of the Special Report of Cleverdis Also, they gave a presentation with the Telefonica people past Sptember on a Madrid DS show….

  2. Don Ball Says:


    It’s true that we’ve been engaged with Caja Mediterráneo for some time. The news item we posted was in regards to completing the rollout. You can see the full news release here:

    If it’s net new biz you’re looking for, I promise to have some announcements in the near future!



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