Creating Messages That Change Minds, @Heather_Wagoner

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The hot topic of ‘Employee Communications‘ is the subject of our next Thought Leadership Summit and as usual with our events, we have a great line up of internationally renowned speakers.

Head of Internal Communication and Engagement - London Underground.

Head of Internal Communication and Engagement – London Underground.

On Thursday May 15 as part of ‘London Digital Signage Week‘ (alongside the 6th NEC Solutions Showcase) Heather Wagoner, Head of Internal Communication and Engagement with the London Underground will be presenting ‘Influence @ Work; Creating Messages That Change Minds’

Heather told us “Influence… Some have it, some want it, some don’t even know why it’s important. Part art, part science, ‘influence’, and those who recognise and master it is a powerful force”.

She continued “If you have something to achieve or deliver, it’s rare that you’ll be doing this all alone. More often than not the keys to your success are held by others. Whether you need the support of a leader, a budget holder or any kind of decision maker – the interdependencies of influence are sometimes harder to identify than first appears”

In her talk Heather will explore whether it is harder to influence individuals or groups and how you might actually know when you’ve achieved the right level of positive momentum?

“Ensuring stakeholders remain committed to your cause and act as advocates on your behalf in a world of competing priorities is obviously important” she added.

Heather’s key messages to the assembled throng – and just to add, almost half of the tickets for this particular event have already gone, at the time of writing 57 / 100, Ed, will be: –

  • The role of Context and background
  • Communicating with authenticity
  • Appealing to ‘the gut instinct’
  • Closing the deal
  • Affirming the stakeholder’s choice

and attendees will very likely walk away, having learnt how to create messages that change minds, influence the influencers and that achieve your goals!

Registration (which is FREE) is open now.

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