BroadSign’s Integration w/ Quividi

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BroadSign International LLC, Montreal-based provider of digital signage solutions, is teaming with Paris-based Quividi to deliver enhanced audience information to network operators.

BroadSign’s upcoming upgrade to its cloud-based digital signage software, BroadSign X 10.3, includes integration with Quividi’s audience measurement platform. Quividi is believed to be the most deployed measurement solution in the digital signage market and is a fitting addition to BroadSign’s standardized platform that powers over 200 digital signage networks.

The BroadSign X 10.3 software upgrade was disclosed at BroadSign’s Second Annual Client Summit held in Las Vegas on February 11, 2014. Now, the integration with Quividi will allow for the collection of audience counts and the inclusion of these impressions into proof of play reports. It will also permit the triggering of content based on gender, meaning that ad copy will react and adapt to the demographics of the audience viewing a screen in real time.

“Quividi’s camera-based audience measurement system aims to render point-of-sale and out-of-home marketing strategies as accurate and accountable as their digital counterparts,” says Olivier Duizabo, co-founder and CEO at Quividi. “Integrating with BroadSign’s platform and having the potential to run on its vast aggregate of digital place-based networks will assist in attaining this goal.”

Already making use of the Quividi features available through BroadSign’s upgraded platform is Grandi Stazioni S.p.A.. The conversion of Grandi Stazioni’s Italian transit network reaching 700 million people annually to BroadSign’s digital signage platform was publicized in January, 2014. Grandi Stazioni has since activated the new audience measurement features and enrolled Dialogica, a Quividi partner, to build a complete set of traditional media metrics and innovative insight, including the calculation of net coverage, frequency and resulting GRP.

“BroadSign holds its services and products to very high standards and we expect those in our ecosystem to do the same,” says Daniel Parisien, vice-president of marketing and strategy at BroadSign. “Quividi’s audience measurement solution is an accurate and reliable addition to BroadSign’s platform, and we look forward to our partnership’s future progressions.”

Quividi’s platform delivers a rich set of data to understand how by-passers engage with a screen, such as the number of opportunities to see, number of real viewers, attention time and dwell time, broken down by gender and age class.

Quividi provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers and brands finely count and qualify their audiences. Using the latest face and body detection technique and running on standard hardware, the Quividi solution delivers exhaustive metrics on viewers, opportunities to see, attention time and demographics, in a completely anonymous fashion and without ever recording any image or personal data.

BroadSign is inviting those interested in obtaining further information about how Quividi audience measurement can be used in their networks to submit a form to speak with a representative. It is also inviting those whose network is not running on BroadSign’s platform to sign up for a free trial of BroadSign’s digital signage software.

Quividi has customers in over 43 countries and has analyzed more than 2.5 billion faces.

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