Darin McAreavey Leaves RNIN

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We note that Wireless Ronin seem to have lost their CFO.

Cachet Financial Solutions has announced the appointment of Darin McAreavey as their new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

3 Responses to “Darin McAreavey Leaves RNIN”

  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    The WHOLE executive – all of them – are ex-Ronin.


    Super big Hmmmm …

  2. Jeff Madoff Says:

    Click over to Cachet’s web site. Looks like Jeff Mack is bringing the band back together for a perverse victory lap. Of course they will need some capital, but you can bet that the Indian tribe that got bilked last time will be wiser this time around. So maybe he’ll have to jump right to a third tier broker who can convince widows to put their nest egg in the next great idea. Investors should be checking Caller ID and breaking out their ten foot poles.

  3. Fred Says:

    Prior to Cachet, Jeff Mack was at CFC Technology. (I think it was CFC Financial at that point). Investors there brought in Jeff after his departure from Ronin and now there are some upset investors who had invested there early on. something about all the money getting spent.

    (Not sure how that happened of course).

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