White Paper From The @RolandDGA Ace of #Fails

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I’m not sure how anyone could see a ‘Dynamic Digital Signage Opportunities for Sign Companies‘ white paper from the International Sign Association AND those folks at Roland DGA Corporation, who could NOT even get half of their digital signage exhibits at #2014SignExpo to work (see below), as anything other than sad.

How Good is Roland DS Sw again?

Expertise, knowledge-sharing, best practise, improving the industry .. err, yeah, who cares, this is just a brand building exercise – a brand (Roland) that has proven it knows nothing about digital signage; technology or design

ISA2014 - Roland

The International Sign Association need to get sponsors who can demonstrate that they know what they are talking about because this just makes them (both) a laughing stock.

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  1. Tommy Chong Says:

    Far out dude, they decided to roll their own! Or is that Roland their own? Do they serve pizza with that? I like mushroom.

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