#2014SignExpo RTT Gets Into Digital Signage

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A company that’s new to the digital signage world, exhibiting for the first time in the #2014SignExpo Digital Zone is RTT, the 17-year-old RTT News company that provides financial, economic, sports and entertainment news across many media channels.

Andrew Mariathasan, Dan Giudice

Andrew Mariathasan, Dan Giudice

The company has launched RTT Digital Signage and company owner Andrew Mariathasan, co-founder of RTT News, says that the company not only wants to offer the easiest digital signage ever but “We want to become a leader in providing digital signage services to small- and medium-sized companies.”

The Lincoln, Rhode Island-based company has dipped its toes into the water with what it refers to as a ‘five minute digital signage service’ and a ‘$25 monthly fee.’

“Essentially, with RTT Digital Signage, you tell or give us the content you want, we load it into our software, and we produce your digital signage,” Dan Giudice, who handles regional sales from a Washington office told us. Although the company was showing basic digital menu boards and other signage, it also handle interactive.

“We can schedule for clients or they can do it themselves,” said Giudice.

“We started looking into this two or three years ago when we saw the potential in the hospitality market,” Mariathasan said. “Hotels were where we first saw real potential. We wrote our own real-time software. We could already provide news content from RTT News. We can run on Windows or Android, and for screens, we’re agnostic. We can provide a player, hardware, software, content. Our solution is cost effective.”

Mariathasan said, “We’re not template driven. We’ll give custom-developed content.

“We want to be a volume leader, with a large number of deployments. We already are on over 10,000 screens.”

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