Mastercard returns!!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I was 100% convinced that after the shocking showing that the leisure industry networks gave Mastercard during last year’s World Cup that they would never (ever) return to the digital OOH advertising space.

Mastercard have either decided to try another vertical sector or those clever folks at abc media / Universal McCann could, as we sometimes say in the UK “sell coals to Newcastle”.

MasterCard will be strategically targeting the WHSmith Travel network for 4 weeks starting now.

Also on the same network, Priority Pass (those folks who run / get you into various executive lounges at airports) will conduct a second burst of activity at Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Newcastle, Stansted etc.

The Priority Pass 30 second creative will be shown 10 times an hour (which seems a bit much to me) an hour for 2 weeks to co-incide with the UK mass getaway (floods / rain = yes, current sunshine = no).


Lastly, abc media’s FMCG networks (co-op and martin mccoll) have seen a number of repeat bookings I see. I am told that this is attributable to the growing evidence of high levels of retailer compliance (err leisure networks who did the first Mastercard campaign please note!!!), significant recall levels amongst shoppers, coupled with tremendous campaign uplifts (22% in some places).

The following have all recently advertised…

AG Barr, Aunt Bessies, Birds Eye, Coca-Cola, Constellation Europe, First Drinks Brand, Hovis, Masterfoods, Nestle Purina, P&G Gillette, Pepsico, SCA Hygiene, Sun Valley, Unilever Food, Walls.

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