On the buses…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Purple Dog TV (a strange name for any company I feel) – previously in development as enroutemedia (there seemed to be two of these so now thankfully only one), is a recent new entrant to the Captive Audience Transport sector.

By November 2007 Brian Main and his team at Purple Dog TV will have 150 single decker and double decker buses equipped with 19″ Flat Panel screens and sound (sound = yuk) in Glasgow and surrounding areas. I know that this is Brian’s passion and he has gone through a certain amount of financial self sacrifice to get his network off the ground. I wish him all the best.

Motional Media (some of you may remember them formerly as Crystal Eyes) kept themselves to themselves for many years – you should all know my feelings on those who keep their heads below the parapet – stand up and be counted!!!

Anyway, MOMEDIA [the brand] has grown into quite a sizeable network.

July DOOHAN has them down as: –

  • Number of screens: 1 to 2 per bus
  • 344 buses in London
  • 202 buses in Birmingham
  • 8 million per month footfall
  • 34 minutes
  • Frequency of visit 3.3 per week

although I have subsequently learnt that they are now running services in

London [shortly to be 1000 screens]
West Midlands [about 400]

They are also running trials in Glasgow [38 screens] and Stansted [6

See www.momedia.tv

Avanti Screenmedia are listed as the media sales facility for MOMEDIA

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