Ronin and @DelphiDisplay To Merge?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our takeaway from the Wireless Ronin Technologies’ (RNIN) Q1 2014 Results Earnings Call Transcript is that they are in negotiations at this very moment to merge with Delphi Display Systems.

Liquidity and Capital Resources / Going Concern we quote “At March 31, 2014, we had cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash of $725K and working capital of $389K … At March 31, 2014, we had no outstanding balance and no borrowing capability on our line of credit with Silicon Valley Bank”.

It continued “In this regard, on May 5, 2014, we entered into a non-binding letter of intent with a private company in our industry and have begun our due-diligence examination of that company. The private company has similarly begun its own due-diligence examination of our Company”.

We’ve said before that Delphi don’t choose their partners particularly well, see ‘Oops @DelphiDisplay Marries Corpse Bride‘ and it’s our guess that the LOI referenced in the earnings call is to do with them.

2 Responses to “Ronin and @DelphiDisplay To Merge?”

  1. Ken Neeld Says:


    Your wildly speculative article published this morning regarding Delphi and Wireless Ronin is inaccurate. For you to “guess” that Delphi is the target of merger discussions with Ronin with no facts whatsoever, is totally irresponsible and frankly unprofessional — especially when a public company is involved. I would like to go on the record stating that the merger referenced in Ronin’s earnings call yesterday has nothing to do with Delphi. We have NOT received and LOI from Ronin and are NOT in discussions to merge with them.

    The next time you have an urge to take wild “guesses” about anything related to Delphi, I encourage you to first pick up the phone and call me so I can familiarize you with the facts. You have my number. I sent it to you this morning.


  2. Donket Says:

    Ken, you sound like a right git. Industry analysts are allowed to take ‘wild guesses’ .. if anyone had rang you and they were correct, all they would have received was a “NO COMMENT”.

    I note that prominent industry analyst Dave Haynes also came to the same conclusion on his blog

    I quote …

    “Marketing Technology Integrator is a broad term that could be applied all kinds of ways, but the most obvious suspect would be privately held Delphi Display Systems, which a year ago did a $2M+ licensing agreement with Ronin.”

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