Romania: 21,680,974 + 400 +1,188

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our European Digital Signage Survey that is running August and September 2007 is starting to take off and we are already getting a lot of data in.

Even this early in the process, we are able to take a detailed look at one country that you may not immediately think of as a hotbed of Digital Signage / Narrrowcasting Activity…

Romania: Population 21,680,974 and…

…so far, 400 venues and 1,188 screens and counting!

We see AirportTV, Artima, BarTV, McDonald’s (an impressive 42 venues and 80 screens), a bank (BRD – Societe Generale), TrainTV and a Beauty Salon network.

We also see in-store TV networks in various hypermakets; Cora, Carrefour, Real, Kaufland, Metro, Billa and Pic.

To take part: –

The survey aims to give an unparalleled insight into the vendors, integrators, networks, resellers and media people that make up the eco-system of this exciting new industry.

All respondents will receive an electronic copy of the survey’s findings and invites* to the survey presentation results in Munich, London, Paris and Amsterdam during October and November 2007.

*In some countries, results are being presented as Keynote speeches at third party events and so there may be a small charge in attending the event

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