Go; For Thy Stay, Not free, Absents Thee More

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It was announced internally last week that RMG Networks CTO Daniel Kwong was let go. He claims, or will claim that it was because he did not want to move from Silicon Valley to Dallas (he’s an ex-Cisco and ex-Juniper employee based in San Francisco).

He’s a nice enough guy but in our opinion (we met him on several occasions) was in well over his head and should never have held a position such as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – especially with all the talent that Symon once had.

Rumour is that CEO Garry McGuire renewed his contract and upped his salary only a few months ago, so here no doubt is another ex-employee who will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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  1. Paradise Lost • Real Digital Media Says:

    […] the time for accountability was at hand. CEO Garry McGuire was sacked on Thursday, and it was reported that the aforementioned CTO was given his walking papers earlier in the week. Mr. McGuire was […]

  2. Chris Green Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    There’s no doubting the depth of knowledge and experience you have in this industry and I enjoy the Cotterill ‘edge’ from time to time – it’s good to have a figure who says what others might be thinking!

    BUT ….. in the case of Daniel (whom I have never met), I don’t think it’s necessary to let us all know that you thought he was ‘out of his depth’.

    I’m presuming that that’s why the powers that be decided to let him go and why he now finds himself out of work?

    Sometimes, staff get put in to positions that, through no fault of their own, are perhaps a little beyond their capabilities. It happens and human nature is such that you’re not going to tell your boss ‘No, sorry I don’t want the job, I don’t think I’m qualified to take the role on’!

    You have ‘The Force’ in our industry Adrian (with Daily DOOH) but to quote Yoda (I think?)…. “Use it wisely”!

    KR, Chris.

  3. Tom Milner Says:

    The saying in the UK is ‘promoted well above their level of incompetence’!

    Only RMG really will know the answer to this one?

    In this whole sorry state of affairs I just hope that my good friends in the US and the UK that are part of RMG come through this ok and keep battling on.

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