Just How Good Will The Crew Look?

Chris Sheldrake

We ordered our T-shirts for crew and contributors attending Screen Media Expo Europe next week from CafePress.com

Dress code was to be jeans, sneakers / trainers and beanies – there was some push back from everyone about the ‘beanies’ (perhaps understandably BUT I might wear mine) and would you ‘adam and eve‘ it but our Head of R&D does not even own a pair of jeans?

It might be Chinos all round at this rate 🙁

2 Responses to “Just How Good Will The Crew Look?”

  1. Jorge Garcia de Bustos Says:

    Yes, the DailyDOOH Alpha Geek does not wear jeans.

    And you can all wear trainers that day; I’ll have my Doc Martens greased for the occasion.

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Yes, but I bet he owns a pair or two of cordroys 🙂

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