HELIOS LED Informative System

Chris Sheldrake

Lighthouse Technologies Ltd. desperately need some help with branding and product marketing cos’ this recently announced, so-called ‘HELIOS LED Informative System for Digital Out-Of-Home Communication’ is a real mouthful!

lh-heliosWe haven’t seen one of these in person yet but from the product picture and the description it actually sounds quite interesting – even if with a 6mm LED on one side (meaning content won’t look good close up – certainly not closer than say 9 meters away) and an illuminated back lit poster on the other side makes for strange (but not necessarily stupid) bed fellows.

With a digital / analog combination it is certainly innovative. Lighthouse Technologies Ltd., are of course more well known for their traditional LED technology.

HELIOS is described as “a powerful DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) system that delivers and manages your advertising messages more easily and efficiently, in virtually any kind of indoor and outdoor setting”

The first HELIOS model to be launched, the SF6-SVP – you see what we mean about branding? Ed is a dual-sided display unit with a digital face on one side and a back-lit poster on the other.

The 6mm pixel pitch, 3000 nit LED panel is hardly ‘high-resolution’ which is how Lighthouse describe it but it will of course work well outdoors in ambient sunlight.

The SF6-SVP has a (non-Digital) back-lit poster on the opposite side.

Lighthouse general manager Peter Chan told us “HELIOS is a sophisticated digital out-of-home advertising system that features a sleek design and is simple to use,”

He added “It’s excellent brightness and true-to-life image quality creates immense impact on audiences wherever they are, from bus stops to amusement parks, ensuring our customers gain tremendous value from every unit installed.”

HELIOS further supports Wi-Fi, 3G and CDMA wireless technologies and landline connectivity. The first chance to see a device in real life will be at Infocomm, Florida in June 2009

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