Enhanced Research Anticipates Continued Growth of Digital Out-of-Home

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

James Whitmore, managing director of Postar has been quoted as saying, on their new deal with Ipsos Mori, that their enhanced research proposition “anticipates the continued growth of digital out-of-home and is designed to incorporate emerging out-of-home formats”

He also said “We want to expand because of the medium’s growth. It is not just growing in terms of revenue, but also in terms of formats. Out-of-home used to be about roadside, but now it is increasing in other areas.”

Basically Postar (the audience research body for the UK out of home advertising industry and an independent, non profit making company) handed Ipsos Mori a six-year multi-million pound contract to broaden its activities across all out-of-home platforms.

The research process is not exactly fast – Postar will report its first results in the second half of next year (i.e. H2 2009) although it is claimed that they will provide a unified currency for audience measurement across the major out-of-home platforms.

For the first time; Buses, rail, taxis, retail and leisure will be measured.

Jeremy Male, chairman of the UK Outdoor Advertising Association, said that the revamped Postar research will provide a much greater level of detail than before for agencies and clients and said “The story of digital was not being fully told in the past and, with the new Postar research, it will be from now on.”

It’s a shame that the research will take so long to see the light of day but I guess that is very much the nature of research like this.

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  1. Digital Signage News Says:

    POSTAR seeks to measure ALL out-of-home advertising…

    It sounds like the GPS data will merely be cross-referenced against a list of ad placements for a sort-of Opportunity to See (OTS) measurement instead coupled with some kind of recognition technology a’la Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM), but t…

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