What Are Your Walls Worth?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

wall2_1Look carefully at this picture as it took us a couple of attempts to ‘get it’ and get the scale.

The picture is courtesy of the Real Estate Ancillary Revenue blog and there is a nice article entitled ‘What are your exterior walls worth?‘ which is well worth a read.

Whilst the folks over at SmartSlab don’t seem inclined to talk to us (we were relatively nice about them here) we have been busy with two other clients working on new digital technology that allows, what we are calling ‘digital drywall’ (something the US market will understand) and / or ‘digital plasterboard’ (something the UK market will understand).

Building buildings, walls, bars, tables etc with screen like technology is going to be big in 2010.

2 Responses to “What Are Your Walls Worth?”

  1. J. Woolsey Jr. Says:


    WOW what an Ad! Anybody know what the length of a typical lease-contract & cost is on a job like this. This is outstanding……


    J. Woolsey Jr.

  2. Jay_Schmidt Says:


    this ad is located in Columbus, OH where I live. It has been up for more than a year, so I’m thinking the minimum requirement was at least 12 months. Most wallscapes have a 3-month minimum requirement. I would ballpark the cost at near $10,000 a month, but thats really just based on comparative costs. Not sure if the client and vendor had a special deal. The production element alone was probably over $20,000, again just an educated guess.

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