MaxMedia Launches Consulting Practice To Help Retailers Deploy In-Store Digital Solutions

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

MaxMedia, Atlanta-based digital retail experience agency, has launched MaxMedia Retail Labs, a consultancy practice in alignment with its burgeoning creative services, strengthening its ability to deliver meaningful, measureable digital shopping experiences inside retail environments.

MaxMedia Retail Labs will offer a mix of educational workshops, diagnostic systems, planning tools and quantitative shopper and business metrics. The consultancy exists to educate and inspire retailers to plan, activate and evolve measurable in-store digital solutions that target the emotional ‘buying brain’ of the non-conscious shopper.

“We are solely focused on helping our retail clients convert more shoppers to buyers with digital. Period.” says Ed King, MaxMedia’s vice-president of strategy. “And to do that, you have to know what makes this new shopper tick. We’re looking beyond the typical approach of digital agencies that focus simply on the ‘cool factor’ of in-store technology. Our consultancy practice helps our clients understand why people buy, why they don’t and how to apply digital strategies that drive sales.”

The consultancy’s core model is called ‘The Emotional Experience CENTER’. It gives retailers a roadmap to turn today’s distracted shoppers into emotionally invested buyers. The word CENTER represents an acronym for reaching the digitally influenced shopper inside the store. As the company explains it in a news release, “For this growing, disruptive, influential group of shoppers, the shopping experience must be Comfortable, Easy, Novel, Tactile, Engaging and Rewarding.”

Maxmedia claims that the launch of the consultancy practice differentiates it from competitive agencies by ensuring informed, intelligent deployment of digital assets inside retail environments. This balance offers a significant benefit to retailers and brands seeking a truly strategic roadmap for their in-store digital strategies. By understanding non-conscious purchasing drivers, MaxMedia Retail Labs is a beacon for an industry searching for a way to compete with eCommerce.

“There’s a tectonic shift among the shopping populace,” says King. “Today’s shopper is way more informed, way more promiscuous, and way more distracted than shoppers of yesterday. Retailers have a few seconds to command shoppers’ attention in-store and guide them to purchase before they are gone. It can be done, but it requires more than a screen.”

MaxMedia Retail Labs will augment its consulting strategy with genuine scientific data through a provocative monthly retail report series, conducted and compiled by Tayler Jordan, the company’s resident behavioral psychological expert. The series will explore the perceptions shoppers have among different retail industries and brands, and the corresponding reality that exists in the marketplace.

“We hope to shine a light on the huge gap that exists in retail. Shoppers are craving one type of experience, but, in way too many cases, getting a different one,” says Laura Davis-Taylor, MaxMedia’s executive vice-president of customer experience.

Interested parties can sign up here to receive the monthly reports which start September 1st, and will cover the following segments: Consumer Electronics, Coffee Shops, Home Improvement, QSR, Grocery Stores, and Apparel.

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