Stale Content Won’t Engage Your Viewers

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

“Too many large companies don’t have enough people creating and/or vetting content for their digital screens,” says Bob Michelson, CEO of RMG Networks, Dallas.

Robert-Michelson-webWe talked to Michelson last week about what he expects to talk about at the upcoming DailyDOOH Investor Conference being held Wednesday November 4, 2015 as part of New York Digital Signage Week, and screen content is definitely on his mind.

“The goals of Digital Signage are two-fold.” Michelson said.

“One is to engage and the second is to impact the viewer. But there are several factors that limit these, including the frequency of updates, the number of elements involved, and how relevant the content actually is.”

Many companies that want to maintain control of their screens themselves simply don’t have enough people creating content, or able to attend to the screens he said. The technology itself can also be an inhibitor.

“Where we see the marketplace going is that it has to find more creators,”
said Michelson. “And that opens up another whole scenario. Almost anyone in a company, eg., can create, so there’s a whole lot more sourcing of content, but there has to be enough people able to vet that content. We call that the democratization of control.”

Because there aren’t enough people doing these things, too much content on company screens is out-of-date or dull and not relevant or engaging, he said.

Michelson plans to discuss some of the things RMG is doing in that regard, as well as what he considers various tools and best practices.

“And,” he said, “hopefully what I have to say will be interesting and provocative.”

Registration for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference can be found here.

11.00 The NEW trend in Visual Communications: the Democratisation of Content Creation | Bob Michelson | CEO | RMG Networks

The world is changing. Many companies world-wide have determined that being limited to a small number of producers and curators of content is too restrictive and results in missing significantly compelling content. As a result, leading companies have opened up the source pool of content to produce richer, more timely and compelling content….without dramatic cost increases and while maintaining reasonable editorial control. We will discuss the new world of sourcing, filtering and governance to enable companies to take advantage of this exciting new trend.

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