Paper Thin Speakers Aimed At Signage Applications

Andrew Neale

InAVate reports rather nicely on ‘Paper Thin Speakers Aimed At Signage Applications‘…

Talking posters are set to hit the streets as researchers from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute aim to mass produce poster-size, paper thin speakers for just $20 (€15) each. Rolls of the paper speakers have already been produced in Taiwan and the Institute claims they will start to be used in cars from next year.

The $20 sheets will be 8.5” by 11” and currently have a frequency response of 500Hz to 200kHz so aren’t really designed for serious listening applications. However, researchers are confident the product will be attractive to advertising agencies enticed by its low cost and potential poster applications.

Layered thin electrodes and a prepolarised diaphragm are sandwiched between two sheets of paper to create the speaker.

The Institute hopes to introduce the new technology at an upcoming exhibition in Taipei and plans to unveil a huge, three-story-high banner that plays music.

Well worth a look at the speaker demo on the site.

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