CIVIQ Smartscapes (Formally) Announces Vertigo Acquisition

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Some six days after we told the world that JMC Capital had acquired Vertigo Digital Displays (and see here a follow-up story 4 days ago) CIVIQ Smartscapes today, finally announced the acquisition of Vertigo Digital Displays located in Toronto, Ontario.

We are told that the acquisition of Vertigo is aligned with CIVIQ Smartscapes’ strategy of expanding capabilities and capturing Smart City opportunities around the world.

Erwin Rezelman, President, CIVIQ Smartscapes told us “The addition of Vertigo is a strong step forward for CIVIQ in expanding our technology and product portfolio. The Vertigo team has over a decade of experience in designing and delivering outdoor digital technology systems and will enhance CIVIQ’s core competencies in integrated Smart City solutions development and deployment.

Ralph Idems, COO and Founder of Vertigo added “We are very happy to be associated with CIVIQ and look forward to enhancing our ability to deploy our digital technology as CIVIQ Smartscapes.”

Michael D’Amelio, Managing Partner of JMC Capital Partners, the private equity owner of CIVIQ Smartscapes said “This is a further advancement in CIVIQ’s strategy to provide a comprehensive portfolio of connected urban technology” said “Vertigo’s product breadth and design capability as well as their customer relationships are a great compliment to the CIVIQ business.”

Vertigo will continue its operations in Toronto as CIVIQ.

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