Logitech 4 Matchday Media 3

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

MDM.TV are the masters of getting their advertisers to sign up year after year – they are obviously doing lots of things right and importantly keeping their customers happy! Phones4U have also, of course, kept renewing with them.

The most recent announcement is a six figure media deal which will run until the end of March 2008 with a total campaign spend in the region of UK PDS 110,000.

We are told in the press release…

The campaign, which promotes new webcam products, is Logitech’s fourth burst of activity on the MDM.TV network over the past three seasons and forms part of an integrated campaign including outdoor posters and online. With the 21st century football fan readily adopting an increasingly digital lifestyle, the audience reached by the MDM.TV network represents a vital consumer group for Logitech. The campaign will run alongside the football and lifestyle themed entertainment programmes that engage the football fan before and after the match as well as during half time.

Gerry McKenna, Managing Director, MDM.TV told us “It is fantastic to be assisting Logitech with another advertising campaign as we are in a unique position to help them communicate effectively with a highly prized, tech friendly, ABC1 male, 16 – 44 year old audience. As part of the extensive research that we conduct, we are also able to show that there is a far longer decay rate on ad recall in comparison to traditional TV advertising. We look forward to continuing to work with Logitech over the coming seasons.”

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