Formula 1 On Your Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Grand Prix Review Australia

Last week we hinted at some exciting developments with our DailyDOOH Distribution / brand extension…

Grand Prix Preview is a series of 18 short programmes aimed specifically at digital screen networks, helping them cover the 2008 Formula 1 Grand Prix season.

Each Grand Prix Preview covers a specific race and to make sure that it is relevant it is put together the Wednesday before each race weekend.

It covers all of the race build up, the current championship leaders, points totals, team news, driver information, track layout etc and will catch all the excitement of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season.

Each programme: –

  • is free (all content rights have been agreed)
  • is language independent (visuals / message will work in all countries)
  • will be made available for download the Thursday before Sunday’s race.
  • is made up of (three) 30, 120 and 30 second video clips
  • can be scheduled anyway you choose up until Race Day
  • uses a template, like shown, specific for each event
  • will be available in most of the common formats and file types

If you want to bring the excitement of Formula 1 to your screen network, however big or small, and irrespective of where your network is in the world then drop us an email and we can give you some more details.

The first race is in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday 16th March 2008.

GPP Content will be available on Thursday 13th March but it is important that you sign up well before then so that we can take you through our distribution method and give you access.

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  1. hina Says:

    can i put my name down for the grand prix content

  2. Darach Says:


    This sounds great, please send me details of how to access the content.


  3. Robbie Says:

    I would also be interested in receiving more details about this content.



  4. Kasia Says:

    Yes please

    Would like more information about Formula 1 content

  5. Russ Says:

    I’d like to sign up too…

  6. Chris Says:

    Count us in.

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