Coke Zero Virtual World

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s a very interesting Virtual World digital signage installation for Coca Cola Israel for the Coke Zero brand.

Tom Parnes, Coca-Cola Zero brand manager at Coca Cola Israel, told us “we are very excited from the new technology introduced by DigiGage, and we are confident it will provide our customers with a unique and special experience to engage with our brand values as part of our overall brand strategy.”

The campaign includes a unique mobile tasting bar that will be presented at promotion locations, festivals, and campus events.

Using the DigiGage software platform, Coca-Cola has created a unique ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ virtual world in which the user simulates flying an airplane by physically manipulating the screen as if it was the airplane control stick.

The virtual world is presented in both small LCDs connected to stands that viewers interact with, and a large wall mounted LCD, that presents the non repetitive content while constantly moving with an axis motor.

Sounds complicated but we told that it is fun and compelling.

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