What Prats. Liar’s Poker

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whether Starmount Systems’ Tom McGowan was referring to the high-stakes gambling game or the non-fiction, semi-autobiographical book by Michael Lewis describing the author’s experiences as a bond salesman on Wall Street during the late 1980s is probably a moot point but he was one of many people who wrote in recently – he just happened to be eloquent and the most polite and definitely caught our attention with the email subject line “Liar’s Poker Gone Wild”.

And the reason over the weekend for the flurry of email and comment activity? Two things; Scala’s 100,000 press announcement and also Sean Moran’s (alleged) demise from PRN

Tom wrote into us “It’s really time for an impartial industry audit and compliance system of currently live, paid licenses”. He added “Failure to report honestly simply continues to hinder those that are doing a good job being forthright and driving toward verifiable standards”

Tom believes that the reason behind some of the new-to-market little guys being so successful in the past three years or so has a direct correlation to their base product and unyielding integrity AND when we think about it in the office we think he has a point.

OVAB, DSA, POPAI who is up to this challenge?

heatworldlogoOur virtual mailbag was also full from disgruntled PRN staff who took issue with our post ‘Sean Moran Fired From PRN?’, with the latest anonymous comment “That isn’t bloody news!! … Perhaps you should consider a real life??? Focus on the companies and not individuals and giving them a bad rap”

Disgruntled-from-San-Francisco continued “Things dont go according to plan, and change takes place. Ok you can hide under the umbrella of saying its a business analysis/story that is critical for sustaining digital signage in the long term – but u dont need to use peoples names …Do unto others as thou would like done unto you”

We’d of course disagree. There has been no official response from PRN as to the post, despite repeated requests for confirmation AND there has been no outcry, no denial, no legal letters in the in-tray either to indicate that the story is inaccurate in ANY way.

If a senior executive leaves any business it is news. Full Stop.

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