Verifone To Merge Its Pump Media business w/ @GasStationTV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hidden inside an earning calls late last month was the news that Verifone merging its pump media business with GSTV.

In the call, Paul Galant, CEO of VeriFone said “I am very pleased to report that … we recently reached an agreement to establish a joint venture with Gas Station TV. Upon closing expected later this month, we will combine our pump, media, advertising business with GSTV“.

He went on to say that the new venture will better position VeriFone to compete against other media platforms including TV and online and will enable their convenience store and brand advertiser clients to take advantage of increased scale and far better functionality at the pump.

He added “We are looking to Media drive focus on other medial segments by restructuring and improving execution”.

One Response to “Verifone To Merge Its Pump Media business w/ @GasStationTV”

  1. Matthew Olivieri Says:

    I feel really bad for this form of DOOH media. In the early days of our company (2006) we were extremely bullish on GSTV and then PumpTop TV. Our marketplace prominently featured “Fuel Top Screens” as a quality DOOH option. Sadly, after several advertiser campaigns ran on the media we discovered the dark side of this type of DOOH integration. Specifically, there is practically zero quality control mechanisms in place to ensure all the screens at every gas station (typically about 8 per station) are functioning as they should with accurate audio levels (Most places we observed the gas station owners muted the audio because they were tired of the repeating track) and screens that were wiped down, cleaned, did not have sun damage or were even flat out powered on. At one point, the now defunct PumpTop TV even told us “Just warn your customers there is 5-10% breakage in our network regardless where they buy” 😳😳😳 Yes – That was an acceptable answer to them, not to us and we have since subsequently had to remove all forms of this type of DOOH media from being allowed in our Marketplace to protect our advertisers.

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