Yamaha Motor Europe Chooses @SmartsignManage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Yamaha Motor Europe has chosen Smartsign as their Content Delivery Platform Partner for the latest refresh of its Dealer network across Europe.

Yamaha Motor Europe’s dealer network covers more than 1000 locations that will be revitalised with the Digital Signage network, which includes large format passive screens and interactive Digital screens. The project started in early 2017 and allows for the dealer program to be complete within the next three years.

The ambition of Yamaha for a digital dealer network had some very specific requirements that the Content Delivery Platform needed to support. Specifically these are the ability to support 4000+ displays with dynamically mixed playlists, specific to each stores profile and the displays location in the stores. The content includes a multitouch interactive ‘build your bike’ application (My Garage App), that needed the ability to deliver very large file sizes, as well as reporting on the customer journey through the application. Understanding the impact of the digital in store solution through the analytical insights that Smartsign enables, will be key to optimise the network and its content strategy over the coming years.

Working with Yamaha’s marketing team, Smartsign developed the concept to modernize the customer communication in the store. The larger digital screens run commmercials for key products including motorbikes, scooters, boats and engines. The smaller 32 inch interactive displays utilise a Samsung 32 inch display, with a capactive U-Touch interactive overlay, creating a unique Touch table expereince, designed to drive sales of customized bikes, and associated genuine Yamaha motorcycle- and scooter accessories. The goal of Yamaha is to ensure an optimised and engaging customer experience at each official Yamaha dealer, whilst at the same time bringing a modern look and feel to the dealership.

To date 50 stores have been digitised, with another 100 expected to be live over the summer and to reach 800 stores before December 2019.

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