An InfoComm Booth Redefined

Chris Sheldrake

Digital signage company .advancedMethod decided to approach the week after next’s InfoComm (held this year in Orlando, Florida) a little differently.

Robert Grawet, General Manager of .advancedMethod, told us “Our digital signage system, express, is perfectly capable of doing the talking for us. Not only does digital signage greatly reduce on the printing and shipping costs of traditional signage material; express provides the perfect platform for us to have our voice heard loud and clear!”

giantboxSo instead of flying a large Seattle-based team and booth materials across the country .advancedMethod has basically decided NOT to attend InfoComm at all – at least not in the traditional sense!

Through express, the Seattle team is able to create and schedule content ahead of time that explains the company’s various offerings. In addition, .advancedMethod will even offer guests at booth #2179 a very special interactive kiosk/video conferencing experience that will put them directly in touch with the team back in Seattle.

It’s certainly one of the first places we will be visiting. Very clever, though how well it works in practice we will have to wait and see.

By the way, following InfoComm, the box will be disassembled and all materials will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, going towards building homes for those in need and to further conserve resources (there’s a big green message in this all) .advancedMethod will be building their booth in Orlando from local recyclable resources.

As you can see in the picture, the booth is designed to look like a giant express box that guests can interact with in order to learn more about the express digital signage system.

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  1. Stephen Says:

    What an interesting idea. We have got to see this.

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