i-vu Senior Project Manager

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

i-vu are looking for a Senior Project Manager in the UK…


Operations is a team of 7 people, supporting nearly 2,000 screens in over 200 leading hair salons. The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the team, managing all facets of the department, including salon sales and account management, programme production and deployment and stylist education. As well as managing the team, this role is heavily project led, including planning and managing new installations, liaising with the salons and the engineers and monitoring the installation as it takes place.

The Senior Project Manager will be trained by the Operations Director and take over from them when they leave for maternity leave in May. The role is however permanent and not contract cover work. They will report directly to the CEO. The role is available now.


We’re looking for a driven individual who has marketing, project and management experience. Someone who is dedicated to giving 100% to everything they do and who thrives on deadlines and working a dynamic company. They are able to multitask effectively and is still able to think laterally when under pressure. The role requires creative thinking and very much a ‘can do’ attitude.


i-vu is a fast growing digital media company, with a network of wireless touch screens in the world’s leading hair salons. Each screen plays a channel of fashion, celebrity gossip, travel, film trailers, lifestyle programmes and advertising. The hair salons also use the channel as a powerful communication and marketing tool to their clients so they see a huge benefit from having the i-vu channel in their salon.

Digital media are experiencing the second fastest growth in media spend, after the internet. It is a trend we’re experiencing at i-vu and as a result, it’s an incredibly exciting time to get involved with what is still essentially a small company but one that is leading the market in out-of-home interactive screens and is growing very fast.

i-vu UK is divided into two key departments, Media, who sell the advertising opportunity and Operations, who sell the screens to the hair salons and account manage them, source new content and produce the interactive channel, develop the salon business services available on screen such as the stylebook and client feedback form, negotiate with potential content partners and market the whole network.

Salary range is UK PDS 35k-40k

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