Outcast And PumpTop TV Partner

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

California-based Outcast (formerly Fuelcast ) of Santa Monica and AdtekMedia (owner of PumpTop TV) of Irvine, have launched a joint venture to create the largest at-the-pump digital network in the U.S..

Both companies reach on-the-go consumers on digital screens while they fuel their vehicles.

The consolidated venture between the two private companies creates a national network with more than 12,600 high-definition large screens in 15 of the top DMAs reaching more than 20 million active consumers each month. The reach in these markets equates to a top-five ranked prime-time show on network television, but without the negative impact of DVR ad-skipping or multi-tasking.

“This move was driven by demands from agencies and clients,” says Matthew Stoudt, CEO of Outcast. “We’d each get requests for different markets and everything was more and more ad hoc.

“This partnership represents a major step forward in marketplace consolidation and streamlines the media buying process.”

The combined network streamlines the planning and buying process for marketers looking to create a one-to-one connection with captive consumers. Through dynamic targeting, brands can target consumers based on demographics, geography, and real-time weather and traffic conditions. In addition, new campaigns can be activated within 24 hours making execution fast, easy, and effective
Stoudt says, “Now with one call, advertisers can access over 20 million on-the-go consumers on a one-to-one basis via one of the most measurable and targeted platforms in the space.”

“Beyond the fact that this is right for the industry, with the number of screens, this puts us on a scale with mainstream media,” says Douglas Woo, executive vice-president of AdTekMedia. “New media had evolved but wasn’t on a scale with national traditional meda. Our reach now puts us on par with the most watched television shows in the U.S.. This is a staggering number and surpasses the scale that marketers today demand in their drive to reach on-the-go consumers. This should stimulate the new media sector.”

The joint venture leverages the strengths of the respective companies. Outcast will assume leadership for advertising sales and marketing of the network under the direction of Nathan Gill, Outcast’s chief media officer, while AdtekMedia will drive product and technology innovation, using the company’s extensive software and systems development assets and its strategic relationship with Westinghouse Digital, one of the leading LCD TV manufacturers in the U.S.
Outcast has been using private label products developed in-house, and is now looking at what is available, including Westinghouse.

There will be no loss of staff with the joint venture.

“Rather, we will be bringing on more people and are actively adding staff at this time,” says Stoudt.

Together, the two companies have a wide range of national clients, including Best Buy, Audi, McDonald’s Sony, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota, among others.

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