Ströer’s Digital Assets Help It Withstand Advertising Crisis

Chris Sheldrake

Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG announced last week that it was successfully holding its own against the so called ‘advertising crisis’.

In the 2008 business year, Group sales declined only slightly, by 3 percent, to EUR 493 million compared to the previous year – operational EBITDA fell from EUR 118 million to EUR 103 million.

However, for the entire year 2009, Ströer expects sales to stabilize, slightly below the previous year’s level, and the overall result to improve.

Whilst sales for the traditional poster business were down by 29.4 percent, the transport product group, on the other hand was up by by 8.2 percent thanks to Infoscreens (digital out-of-home advertising) in Germany and Poland and the good booking situation of a number of regional advertising spaces on buses and trains (transport media) in the domestic market.

Ströer also advanced the Group’s ongoing media digitalization with the introduction of Infoscreens on Warsaw’s Metro trains and with the installation of ‘Outdoor TV’ in Turkey.

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